The Role of a Child Support Attorney

Florida law requires that both parents, regardless of their marital status or custody arrangement, provide financial support for their children. This is typically achieved through a court-established child support payment. An experienced West Palm Beach attorney could help you obtain the support you deserve from your former spouse. They may assist you in determining the appropriate level of child support, request or contest a support modification, or help you enforce a court-ordered child support agreement. If you are looking for an experienced Child Support Attorney, visit https://www.palmbeachcountydivorceattorney.com/child-support-west-palm-beach-fl/ for guidance and Free Consultation!

An effective child support lawyer would be familiar with the statutory guidelines used to calculate Florida child support. These include the net incomes of both parents, the custody arrangement and overnight visits, day care costs, health insurance coverage for the children, and other child-related expenses. Additionally, a skilled lawyer would understand that Florida courts may order a delinquent parent to pay the cost of the other party’s legal fees incurred to file and pursue contempt actions.

When a parent fails to make their child support payments, a lawyer could work collaboratively with the local child support enforcement office to enforce the existing agreement. This could involve revocation of the offending parent’s driver’s license, issuing an income deduction order, intercepting money (IRS tax refunds, lottery winnings, workers’ compensation benefits, insurance settlements, and other assets), placing liens on property and freezing financial accounts. In some cases, a judge may even imprison a person who is found to be in contempt of court. Click here to contact the #1 Family Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL.

If you are considering divorce or need to resolve a child support issue, you should contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. A skilled West Palm Beach attorney could review your case and discuss your options, including filing for a modification to reflect changes in circumstances. These changes could include a new job, a major change in earning potential, or the death of a spouse.

A seasoned child support attorney could also help you with other family law matters such as paternity, contested divorce, domestic violence, and property division. They could provide a compassionate and understanding approach to your unique situation. Additionally, they may also recommend mediation or collaborative law to help you reach a fair and mutually beneficial resolution.

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